Coding used parts & retro fitting

Auto Key Care have are now excited to offer lots of new services. If you have a vehicle from the V.A.G GROUP(V.W, AUDI,SEAT,SKODA) and try to fit a part from another vehicle it will not function or  you will see the message “component protection active” on your mmi screen. You may have damaged your original item i.e headlight, mmi screen, steering rack, etc etc and need it coding to work correctly.  You may even want to facelift your front or rear lights but realised they do not work correctly.Your vehicle may have been in a fire or flood and you need to adapt a different (instrument cluster) Clock or ecu (engine control Unit) gearbox or many other parts on your vehicle these parts will not just plug and play and  All this is due to coding & component protection. Component protection in a unique dna inside your vehicle which has to be then put into the part you would like to install into/onto your vehicle so it can the work correctly on Your vehicle.  These days vehicle manufacturers Are trying to stop the inter swapping/ reusing  of second hand parts from vehicle to vehicle.  This is why we need computer equipment to achieve this.  Please call 01212965697 for more info.  Also part of this coding is Dealer key Coding; Need your dealer key coding?? If you have a new vehicle and lost your only key/keys then if your vehicle isn’t covered by independent locksmith companies like ourselves Autokey care then you will need to take your id to the dealer and order a dealer key.  This is a key with unique coding on which matches to your vehicle this is known as a “dealerkey”. we at akc have main dealer tools to code your dealer key for your ( v.w, audi,Seat,Skoda) into your vehicle with our mobile service.  This saves YOU money for recoveries and time going to the main agent.  The best part of our service is WERE MOBILE !!!!!!! SAVING YOU TIME AND MONEY.   Please call 01212965697 for more info. Retro fitting If you would like to fit a part to your vehicle that your vehicle didn’t have when it left the factory.  This is known as retrofitting.  We at akc can help you fit your xenon light upgrade, mmi, Folding mirror upgrade,  Facelift whatever the case may be give us a call  01212965697.

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